April Fools’ Day Wine Country Excursion

2 04 2011

Spent the afternoon with friends doing one of our favorite activities: wine tasting! The winery du jour was Cambria Winery & Vineyards in the Santa Maria valley. We had all been Tweeting the winery for weeks beforehand, so they knew we were coming, and they gave us V.I.P. treatment! We received the most courteous and helpful service in the tasting room from Bill and Patti; they helped guide us in choosing which ones to taste from their extensive selection. I think we all were impressed with the line up of wines which were carefully crafted in small batches. Cambria is definitely a favorite Central Coast winery of mine after this experience!

After wine tasting we wandered out into the vineyard to take photos and enjoy the fresh air and the glow of the late afternoon light. Then we continued with a drive through the countryside on idyllic Foxen Canyon Road……. We finished up our excursion at one of our very favorite Central Coast restaurants, Full of Life Flatbread in Los Alamos, where the cooking is centered around a huge hearth, and the emphasis is on the freshest local organic ingredients prepared in highly creative ways. From start to finish, their menu is consistently extraordinarily delicious!


Cambria Winery & Vineyards 1Cambria Winery & Vineyards 2Cambria Winery & Vineyards 3Foxen Canyon Road 1Foxen Canyon Road 2Foxen Canyon Road 3
Foxen Canyon Road 4Foxen Canyon Road 5Full of Life Flatbread 1Full of Life Flatbread 2Full of Life Flatbread 3Full of Life Flatbread 4

Yesterday afternoon & evening…….


Hello world!

9 06 2010

Welcome to my new blog, Michelle’s World. I’ve just begun putting this blog together as a form of self-expression, and as a way to communicate with others anywhere in the world. People often ask me why I do the things I do (and I do a lot of things as you will find out if you don’t already know!), so I will try to provide the reasons behind my being here. Also, my decision to blog was influenced by the fact that my friends, family, and even strangers often ask me for advice and my recommendations about most of the subjects on which I’ll be blogging about. Why do they ask me for advice? Probably because they know I’m pretty intense about anything that interests me, and they know I often do a thorough job of researching and contemplating before I make my decisions. I think of myself as the “Planner” type ~ I even plan when not to plan!

My blog posts will be about all aspects of my life which include, but will not be limited to, these subjects: aviation, food & wine, travel, architecture, hiking, the virtues of Native Plants both in nature and in the designed landscape, movies, music, life with a 6-pack of Pug dogs, and life in general. Please check back soon for updates. For my daily babble follow me on Twitter.

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