An Afternoon In A Garden

14 05 2015

Spring at the Atlanta Botanical Garden – slideshow of the complete photo set









Cirsium occidentale var. compactum (Compact Cobwebby Thistle)

30 05 2012

A highlight of my outing to Arroyo de la Cruz at Hearst San Simeon State Park last Saturday was seeing this cute little pokey plant, which also happens to be a rare endemic native. I added 5 photos of it to my Flickr photo stream. It was picturesquely growing near a bluff over the Pacific ocean.

Come along for a ride… It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it!

29 04 2012

“My soul blows crazy on the sails of a ~ derelict wind”~ from Good Love, one of my favorite tracks on the new CD by Lance Taylor, “American Love.”

So for the past 6 months my job has been to drive every paved, public road from Santa Maria to the Salinas valley plus up Pacific Coast Highway through Big Sur. I have about a week to go, and then my job assignment will be finished. Yesterday I was driving down this remote road off the Salinas valley enjoying a gorgeous spring day and listening to my singer songwriter friend’s new CD (Lance Taylor of Key West). I really love his music and new CD, “American Love!” I spontaneously decided to take this video with my iPhone as a souvenir of this fun job, and to preserve such a lovely memory. I never did see another car on this road. The video is a little shaky, because it was a rough, country road, and I was driving with one hand and holding my phone cam with the other. Look carefully, too, and you will see all kinds of critters in the air and on the road throughout the whole recording.

Check out Lance’s music on the Lance Taylor Music web site:

Calandrinia ciliata (Red Maids)

4 04 2012

Today I finished my work near Pozo in San Luis Obispo county, east of Santa Margarita. These lovely, low growing wildflowers were growing on the side of the road and glowing in the late afternoon sunlight. Just two weeks earlier I had visited Painted Rock at Carrizo Plain National Monument, and the Bureau of Land management (BLM) employee who was giving us a tour (the only way one can visit Painted Rock between March 1 and July 15) informed us that the native Americans that visited Painted Rock were known to have eaten the seeds of Calandrinia ciliata (Red Maids). I also have read that the fleshy leaves are edible. These flowers were very small and dainty ~ probably about 1/2″ across.

Click here to see more photos of and other California native plants & wildflowers.

Shell Creek Road ~ 24 March 2012

28 03 2012

Although this year is not expected to be a banner year for our native wildflowers, there are still small patches here and there to enjoy. We arrived at about 7:00 a.m., just before sunrise. You can tell in the photographs the dramatic difference in the lighting between pre & post sunrise. Before sunrise the colors are soft and even. The first rays of sunlight cast an ethereal golden glow. Click here to see the photos with full plant descriptions from my excursion to Shell Creek Road.

April Fools’ Day Wine Country Excursion

2 04 2011

Spent the afternoon with friends doing one of our favorite activities: wine tasting! The winery du jour was Cambria Winery & Vineyards in the Santa Maria valley. We had all been Tweeting the winery for weeks beforehand, so they knew we were coming, and they gave us V.I.P. treatment! We received the most courteous and helpful service in the tasting room from Bill and Patti; they helped guide us in choosing which ones to taste from their extensive selection. I think we all were impressed with the line up of wines which were carefully crafted in small batches. Cambria is definitely a favorite Central Coast winery of mine after this experience!

After wine tasting we wandered out into the vineyard to take photos and enjoy the fresh air and the glow of the late afternoon light. Then we continued with a drive through the countryside on idyllic Foxen Canyon Road……. We finished up our excursion at one of our very favorite Central Coast restaurants, Full of Life Flatbread in Los Alamos, where the cooking is centered around a huge hearth, and the emphasis is on the freshest local organic ingredients prepared in highly creative ways. From start to finish, their menu is consistently extraordinarily delicious!


Cambria Winery & Vineyards 1Cambria Winery & Vineyards 2Cambria Winery & Vineyards 3Foxen Canyon Road 1Foxen Canyon Road 2Foxen Canyon Road 3
Foxen Canyon Road 4Foxen Canyon Road 5Full of Life Flatbread 1Full of Life Flatbread 2Full of Life Flatbread 3Full of Life Flatbread 4

Yesterday afternoon & evening…….

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