Calandrinia ciliata (Red Maids)

4 04 2012

Today I finished my work near Pozo in San Luis Obispo county, east of Santa Margarita. These lovely, low growing wildflowers were growing on the side of the road and glowing in the late afternoon sunlight. Just two weeks earlier I had visited Painted Rock at Carrizo Plain National Monument, and the Bureau of Land management (BLM) employee who was giving us a tour (the only way one can visit Painted Rock between March 1 and July 15) informed us that the native Americans that visited Painted Rock were known to have eaten the seeds of Calandrinia ciliata (Red Maids). I also have read that the fleshy leaves are edible. These flowers were very small and dainty ~ probably about 1/2″ across.

Click here to see more photos of and other California native plants & wildflowers.


Shell Creek Road ~ 24 March 2012

28 03 2012

Although this year is not expected to be a banner year for our native wildflowers, there are still small patches here and there to enjoy. We arrived at about 7:00 a.m., just before sunrise. You can tell in the photographs the dramatic difference in the lighting between pre & post sunrise. Before sunrise the colors are soft and even. The first rays of sunlight cast an ethereal golden glow. Click here to see the photos with full plant descriptions from my excursion to Shell Creek Road.

Paso Robles Horse Ranch

19 10 2011

Paso Robles Horse Ranch 1Paso Robles Horse Ranch 2Dry Riverbed 1Dry Riverbed 2Dry Riverbed 3Dry Riverbed 4
Paso Robles Horse Ranch 3Paso Robles Horse Ranch 4Paso Robles Horse Ranch 5Paso Robles Horse Ranch 6Paso Robles Horse Ranch 7Paso Robles Horse Ranch 8
Paso Robles Horse Ranch 9Paso Robles Horse Ranch 10Paso Robles Horse Ranch 11Paso Robles Horse Ranch 12Paso Robles Horse Ranch 13Paso Robles Horse Ranch 14
Paso Robles Horse Ranch 15Paso Robles Horse Ranch 16Paso Robles Horse Ranch 17Paso Robles Horse Ranch 18Paso Robles Horse Ranch 19Paso Robles Horse Ranch 20

Paso Robles Horse Ranch, a set on Flickr.

This set of photos was taken on October 9, 2011, at the horse training facility of Krista Koenig and Dave Kneller in Paso Robles. They have a business called From Start to Foundation. They do all kinds of horse training which you can read about on their web site. I met Dave just a few weeks earlier at The Sanitarium Music Nights in San Luis Obispo, except he was not called Dave there. Dave is not only a horse trainer, but is also a very entertaining singer-songwriter with a unique style, and he was playing that September night, going by the stage name Cody Pendant. You can see a few photos of “Cody” on my photo set from that night; he’s the one with the cowboy hat & boots! I also recorded 3 videos of him singin’n strummin’ that night. You can see them on my Vimeo channel, SLO Music! (Again, he’s the one with the cowboy hat.)

Back to our October 9th ranch visit: well, we spent about an hour just walking around checking out where everything is. There’s a stable, some different areas for training and riding, some pens as well as some open spaces, trails and even a dry river bed next to a picturesque, oak covered escarpment. Then Dave took a couple of his clients out on a trail ride on their property. I took a bunch of photos of Dave riding a formerly wild mustang named Moon. One of the things that Krista & Dave do is train wild mustangs that have been rounded up by the Bureau of Land Management (B.L.M.). You can tell which ones those are because they have a freeze brand on their neck, which Dave pointed out to me. After they’ve been trained they are available for people to purchase.

After the trail ride Dave saddled up a palomino quarter horse named Pockets, and he gave my 21 year old son, Addison, his first ever riding lesson. Dave was very clear and thorough about explaining everything Addy needed to know for his first lesson. Dave rode Pockets first, explaining and physically demonstrating the basics of riding. Then it was Addy’s turn to ride, and I think he rode pretty well for his first time. Addy was thrilled! The only other time he had ridden a horse was on a tourist trail ride in Kauai (gorgeous scenery, but didn’t really learn much about riding a horse properly). I could tell Dave is a really good teacher; he communicated effectively and calmly with both the horse and my son, and everything about the lesson progressed very smoothly. So that was our first, but hopefully not our last visit to Krista & Dave’s horse training facility. Fun times!

Dynamo Donut, San Francisco, California

14 10 2011

Mecca for Donut Lovers2760 24th StreetAlmost there.......Flavors of the DayAnticipationSticky Bun
Maple Glazed Bacon ApplePassionfruit Milk ChocolateCoconutSpiced ChocolateQuince CrumbVanilla Bean
Cormeal Rosemary CherryDaily Requirement

I usually avoid donut shops like the plague (because I love them), but I make an exception for my favorite donut & coffee shop whenever I’m in the City. They make the most interesting varieties and flavor combinations. Enjoy the photos…they’re calorie-free!

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