Gaviota Peak 2013

18 02 2013

View to the east from Gaviota PeakView to the east from Gaviota PeakCeanothus on Gaviota PeakCeanothus on Gaviota PeakCeanothus on Gaviota PeakCeanothus on Gaviota Peak
Ceanothus on Gaviota PeakRyan and Maya Amid the Ceanothus at Gaviota PeakCeanothus on Gaviota PeakRyan and MayaCeanothus on Gaviota PeakCeanothus on Gaviota Peak
Ryan Amid the Ceanothus at Gaviota Peak

Gaviota Peak 2013, a set on Flickr.

Here are a few photos from my Gaviota peak hike last Saturday (Santa Barbara county). It was gorgeous day, and our native ceanothus shrubs were in full bloom and covering the peak and surrounding hillsides. The aroma was amazing! Additionally, it was a clear day that offered 360 degree views of the surrounding countryside – rolling oak covered hills, the Santa Barbara coastline, the sparkling, blue Pacific ocean and the Channel islands in the distance. This is one of my very favorite hikes on the California Central Coast!

Full of Life Flatbread, Los Alamos, California

17 07 2012

Full of Life FlatbreadChalboard Menu of the DayFront Porch Dining 1Front Porch Dining 2Indoor Lighting Detail Over the BarFresh Flowers 1
Fresh Flowers 2LGTeddy Bear SunflowerBicolored SunflowerFoodie FriendsFront Porch Dining 3
Reflecting on the GardenDelicious Salad SpecialCavalo Nero SaladSunday DriveWood Fired Local Sand DabsChalk Board Special Flatbread
Roasted Summer Squash & Eggplant FlatbreadBoth of the Daily Flatbread SpecialsHoney Pot de Crème with Lemon Infused Summer BerriesAlmond Crusted Blueberry Tart with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

Headed out a couple of weekends ago with LG and @LuvenRN to Los Alamos on another foodie adventure at one of our favorite dining destinations…….

Fresh Lychees

13 07 2012

Lychees-July 13, 2012-14Lychees-July 13, 2012-36Lychees-July 13, 2012-23Lychees-July 13, 2012-25Lychees-July 13, 2012-73Lychees-July 13, 2012-83
Lychees-July 13, 2012-54Lychees-July 13, 2012-39Lychees-July 13, 2012-2

Fresh Lychees, a set on Flickr.

One day on Facebook a good friend posted something about fresh lychees being so delicious. The only time I had eaten lychees was as a child, and they were out of a can. I had remembered not liking them at all. I thought to myself “Since when was anything very good out of a can?” So the next time I saw fresh lychees at Trader Joe’s I decided to purchase them and give them a try. I must admit I wasn’t in love after the first bite; my negative memories of them surely were tainting my experience. I wanted to give them a fair chance, so I continued to eat them. They had a very different exotic and perfumy flavor. It was a bit of an acquired taste, but by about the fourth lychee I actually liked them, and I like them more the more I eat them!

Liquid Sunset

9 07 2012


This is part of my Arroyo de la Cruz photo set on Flickr.

Happy 4th of July!

4 07 2012

I always enjoy looking back on these photos from 2003 of my daughter and Pooh-Bah, the patriarch of our Pug 6-pack:

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My New Photography Web Site

20 06 2012

It’s fairly basic, but my new professional photography web site, Michelle C. Torres-Grant Photography,  is up & running!

Cirsium occidentale var. compactum (Compact Cobwebby Thistle)

30 05 2012

A highlight of my outing to Arroyo de la Cruz at Hearst San Simeon State Park last Saturday was seeing this cute little pokey plant, which also happens to be a rare endemic native. I added 5 photos of it to my Flickr photo stream. It was picturesquely growing near a bluff over the Pacific ocean.

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