Happy 4th of July!

4 07 2012

I always enjoy looking back on these photos from 2003 of my daughter and Pooh-Bah, the patriarch of our Pug 6-pack:

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My New Photography Web Site

20 06 2012

It’s fairly basic, but my new professional photography web site, Michelle C. Torres-Grant Photography,  is up & running!

Come along for a ride… It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it!

29 04 2012

“My soul blows crazy on the sails of a ~ derelict wind”~ from Good Love, one of my favorite tracks on the new CD by Lance Taylor, “American Love.”

So for the past 6 months my job has been to drive every paved, public road from Santa Maria to the Salinas valley plus up Pacific Coast Highway through Big Sur. I have about a week to go, and then my job assignment will be finished. Yesterday I was driving down this remote road off the Salinas valley enjoying a gorgeous spring day and listening to my singer songwriter friend’s new CD (Lance Taylor of Key West). I really love his music and new CD, “American Love!” I spontaneously decided to take this video with my iPhone as a souvenir of this fun job, and to preserve such a lovely memory. I never did see another car on this road. The video is a little shaky, because it was a rough, country road, and I was driving with one hand and holding my phone cam with the other. Look carefully, too, and you will see all kinds of critters in the air and on the road throughout the whole recording.

Check out Lance’s music on the Lance Taylor Music web site: http://www.lancetaylormusic.com/

Not a Bad Place to End My Work Day…

6 04 2012

View of Estero bay & Morro rock from Green Valley Road (Highway 46), California Central Coast

For more information about this scene click here, and then mouseover the photo to see notes.

Pinnacles National Monument

14 03 2012

I created a new photo “Super set” for one of my favorite places to hike, comprised of multiple hiking excursions beginning October 9, 2010 (I plan to continue to add photos to this set from subsequent hikes). Pinnacles National Monument is located in the Gabilan mountains east of central California’s Salinas valley. The pinnacles themselves are the breathtaking remains of an ancient volcano. Pinnacles National Monument hosts a wide variety of flora and fauna as well as diverse plant communities. The caves are also very fun and interesting places to explore.
Pinnacles National Monument, a set on Flickr.
Bear GulchGetting Brain ZappedAlien EncounterCave FunBear Gulch ReservoirIMG_0015
IMG_0016Rock TunnelIMG_0033Pinnacles_Panorama1IMG_0049IMG_0051
IMG_0052IMG_0060IMG_0065Where's Kurt?IMG_0076IMG_0082
IMG_0084IMG_0091IMG_0093Pinnacles National MonumentPinnacles National Monument PanoramaIMG_0106

17 09 2011

Here’s a video of the crazy bird activity of the coast of Shell beach yesterday morning:

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