Fresh Lychees

13 07 2012

Lychees-July 13, 2012-14Lychees-July 13, 2012-36Lychees-July 13, 2012-23Lychees-July 13, 2012-25Lychees-July 13, 2012-73Lychees-July 13, 2012-83
Lychees-July 13, 2012-54Lychees-July 13, 2012-39Lychees-July 13, 2012-2

Fresh Lychees, a set on Flickr.

One day on Facebook a good friend posted something about fresh lychees being so delicious. The only time I had eaten lychees was as a child, and they were out of a can. I had remembered not liking them at all. I thought to myself “Since when was anything very good out of a can?” So the next time I saw fresh lychees at Trader Joe’s I decided to purchase them and give them a try. I must admit I wasn’t in love after the first bite; my negative memories of them surely were tainting my experience. I wanted to give them a fair chance, so I continued to eat them. They had a very different exotic and perfumy flavor. It was a bit of an acquired taste, but by about the fourth lychee I actually liked them, and I like them more the more I eat them!




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