Próxima Parada ~ “Did You See Him Go?”

19 04 2012

This is a very special song. The lyrics are actually a poem written by Nick Larson’s grandma, Barbara Sotcan, in memory of Nick’s grandpa, Michael Sotcan.

I first recorded newly formed duo Bryson Bailey & Nick Larson (taking turns on lead vocal on this song) performing “Did You See Him Go?” in August of 2011 at The Sanitarium Music Night in San Luis Obispo. You can see that recording here:

This time around instead of Nick & Bryson as a duo, they are performing the song with their band, Próxima Parada, at Linnaea’s Café, San Luis Obispo, California, March 10, 2012

Bryson Bailey (lyrics, lead vocals, electric guitar)
Nick Larson (percussion)
Myles Wittman (trumpet)

Clayton Cole (bass)

Próxima Parada ~ “Did You See Him Go?” from Michelle C. Torres-Grant on Vimeo.




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