Lunch Break at Jack Ranch Café ~ Chalome, California

27 03 2012

Today, my work took me out into the roads of eastern San Luis Obispo county. I had previously stopped a couple of times at the James Dean Memorial in Chalome, which is 24 miles east of Paso Robles on Highway 46, but I had never stopped to dine in the little cafe next to the memorial. So I decided this was as good a day as ever to try it out. It’s a little diner that is housed in an old building that has served food since the early 20th century. I seated myself at a booth in the really casual, old style roadside diner, and asked the waitress what the best thing on the menu was. She suggested the bacon cheeseburger. For the sake of health I usually avoid such an item, but I figured I was way out there, and wouldn’t be back anytime soon, so I may as well get the best thing! I ordered it, without pickles as per my usual, and I added grilled onions and peppers. I had meant the ortega chiles that I had seen on the menu, but I guess I didn’t say that specifically, and I got jalapeno peppers instead. It was just as well, as it turned out to be one of the most scrumptious burgers I ever had! All the contents of the creation tasted very fresh, and both the burger and the bacon had a nice, slightly crisp texture. Juicy and not too greasy! The only thing I regret is not having paid fifty cents extra for the free range organic Hearst Ranch beef. I didn’t notice that option until my order was almost ready! Served along with my burger were some mighty delicious seasoned fries. The portion of fries was generous, but I could only eat a handful before I was full, and I took the rest home. I highly recommend a stop at the Jack Ranch Café, and especially if you’re a James Dean fan as well. The memorial is of a tasteful and minimalist modern design.




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