Gnocchi (a.k.a. “Chunky Diva”)

12 09 2011

Gnocchi (a.k.a. "Chunky Diva") 1Gnocchi (a.k.a. "Chunky Diva") 2Gnocchi (a.k.a. "Chunky Diva") 3Gnocchi (a.k.a. "Chunky Diva") 4

Gnocchi (a.k.a. "Chunky Diva"), a set on Flickr.

Here is our “Fat ex-beauty queen.” We call her that with much love… In 2004 she was AKC ranked #2 female Pug dog and #7 overall (among male & female Pug dogs). Back in the day she was quite the active Pug, traveling near & far with her handler. Nowadays she spends most of her time lounging around the house being beautiful and sweet as can be, although a bit more rotund.

Via Flickr:
CH Clarcelest’s Lil’Gnocchi




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