Sweet Springs Saloon ~ 28 June 2011

30 06 2011

Sweet Springs Saloon 1Sweet Springs Saloon 2Sweet Springs Saloon 3Sweet Springs Saloon 4Sweet Springs Saloon 5Alabaster Stone 1
Alabaster Stone 2Alabaster Stone 3Alabaster Stone 4Alabaster Stone 5Alabaster Stone 6Alabaster Stone 7
Alabaster Stone 8Alabaster Stone 9Alabaster Stone 10Alabaster Stone 11Alabaster Stone 12Alabaster Stone 13
Alabaster Stone 14Alabaster Stone 15Alabaster Stone 16Alabaster Stone 17Alabaster Stone 18Alabaster Stone 19

Alabaster Stone opened for CRITICNUE, both bands local to the California Central Coast.

Alabaster Stone describes themselves as “Folk” and “Newgrass,” however I would add “Acoustic Rock” to their description.

CRITICNUE is a high energy, diverse hard rocking band. It’s exciting to watch them perform live, and fans of classic rock will hear many influences from some of their favorite bands and musicians, however they have developed their own style as well.

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Los Osos, California




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